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Home of the Michelada Paleta 

Meet the owners: Monique and Melissa

Started the company in 2017, mainly focusing on fruit popsicles. While brainstorming in the kitchen with some friends they created the "Michelada Paleta" since creating they recently discovered their niche in the market.

Paletas and micheladas are the name of the game at Iced Above, Los Angeles-based pop up. Female-owned and operated, you’ll catch Iced Above at private events, street events, and more, slinging delicious micheladas and paletas, all with no sugar added.

They’ve got a load of different paleta options at Iced Above (think mango, strawberry, pineapple, and more), so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a pop to love. Once you’ve made your choice, add your favorite beer, dip your paleta in your drink, top it all off with a generous dusting of homemade spice and chamoy, and you’re golden. Need a bar and dessert table all in one for your next event? Iced Above is your hero.

Aside from paletas, they specialize in chile candy and micheladas.
Also, be sure to grab some merchandise on your way out.
Store front coming soon to Uptown Whittier.

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